Iraqi Society for Alternative and Renewable Energy
Congratulations on the successful accomplishment of the I.S.A.R.E.S.T. formation. The association by the blessings of Allah Almighty and the joint efforts of Founder Members has become the first legal entity of Alternative and Renewable Energy in Iraq. The credit goes to you all (Founding Members) who honored our call to uplift our country from current energy crises and by committing to promote Alternate Energy in the country.
We are thankful to honor our request and on behalf of The Board; we recompense our especial thanks for all those who expressed their confidence on the abilities of the entire team.
We would like to take the opportunity to commit that the Board will not leave any stone unturned to fulfill our expectations. Our main focus is to break the barrier of awareness about Alternative and Renewable Energy in the country and we need you all to please work together to cross this milestone.

Best regards,
President I.S.A.R.E.S.T.
Baghdad, Headquarter




All those holding a university degree in science, engineering and technology are invited for the membership of I.S.A.R.E.S.T. by filling the membership form and applying it with two recommendations from IS.A.R.E.S.T. members.

These applications are submitted to the Board of the society to make decisions about.

The membership form shown herein can be downloaded for membership application purpose.

ISAREST Membership Form


In 8th May 2013, the new board of I.S.A.R.E.S.T. for 2013-2017 were elected. There were 16 candidates among the general authority of the society to form the new board of 7 members and two substitution members. The members of the new board are as follows:

1-      Prof. Dr. Walid K. Hamoudi

2-      Prof. Dr. Ali M. Mousa

3-      Prof. Dr. Adawiya J. Haider

4-      Asst. Prof. Dr. Raad A. Khamis

5-      Asst. Prof. Dr. Raid A.W. Ismail

6-      Dr. Oday A. Hamadi

7-      Dr. Khaled Z. Yahiya


And the two substitution members are

8-      Dr. Mahdi S. Edan

9-      Dr. Ali J. Mohammad

Congratulations to the new board wishing them all the best and success in their jobs.